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Christian's art - reaching a wider world

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Christian died, age 90, in 2016. At her funeral gathering in West Linton, her children and a number of her friends brought along her paintings to share with others. Seeing these beautiful works of art in one place, it became clear that there should be a retrospective exhibition.

Christian’ paintings were gathered from their various owners, and an exhibition was mounted in West Linton Visitor Centre in August 2016. The result was something of a revelation. The remarkable quality and range, and also the astonishing quantity of the artist’s work, in many different media – pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, water colour, and a series of exquisite, masterly collages, using fragments of coloured tissue paper, cardboard and newspaper, was finally revealed.

Enthusiasm to share this body of extraordinary work with the wider public led to the formation of a voluntary group: The Friends and Family of Christian Small, the sole aim being to publish a book of Christian’s art. Funding was realised through the Alice Hamilton Trust, resulting in the production of a book, INSIDE & OUT – the Art of Christian Small, launched in June, 2018.

The Alice Hamilton Trust has generously supported this project, which has been initiated and realised entirely by volunteers.

All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to an art project in West Linton Primary School - a tribute to the community and place in which Christian lived for most of her life, and which inspired so much of her work.